Bands, Venues and Festivals

When the pandemic hit, concerts had to be held virtually.

And everyone in the music industry realized they had a ton of great footage on hard drives, sitting on shelves, collecting dust. There was a need to get shows, live and on-demand, into the cloud... to keep fans engaged and to keep revenue flowing.

Dadabase keeps revenue flowing for bands, venues and festivals even when live events are put on hold

Alternatives: Most music groups use apps like Dropbox and Vimeo to store and share their video content. Quality suffers with Dropbox and Vimeo has a limit of 7 TBs of storage which is fine for a bunch of short clips but not enough for a bunch of three-hour concerts.

Dadabase offers the highest quality video platform with an unlimited amount of storage. Every show can be imported. And every song can be identified by a marker. Markers can be managed in data-tables. The best songs can be put into playlists and shared on social media or streamed in virtual music festivals.
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