A database for your media

Increase the value of your digital assets with a simple UI that marks-up, manages and delivers the best parts to an audience of one or millions.

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Online Video Platform

Upload, store and play your videos in the highest quality

Get access to the same cloud-video infrastructure used by Netflix, ESPN and Prime.
Upload & Store
Dadabase sets up your own AWS S3 storage bucket to stash your stuff with no limit on what you put in.
Versions of each video are created at multiple bit-rates so playback is optimized across all devices.
Dadabase uses AWS Cloudfront to deliver your content in the best quality, securely, to one person or to millions.

Time-Coded markers

Add In and Out points to each video

A simple marker tool lets you identify important moments like songs in a concert, chapters in a movie, football plays in a game, comments on an edit, and more.
Marker Table: All markers from all videos are listed here. Data-table tools make it easy to organize and manage them all.
Playlists: Markers from different videos can be combined and played back together. Highlight reels have never been easier.
Trim: With the click of a button, a marker can be encoded into a new video clip.
YouTube Chapters: (coming soon) Sync your markers with YouTube and achieve the top spot on Google searches.
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Your content managed your way

Dadabase offers a powerful 'no-code' approach to media management so you can build the archive of your dreams.

Custom Field-Types

Each column has a unique field-type to keep things structured. Pick between Text, Number, Date, Image, and Select.

Connected Tables

Reference fields connect data from different tables together. If you make a change to a field, data will update in all other tables where that field is referenced.

Table Tools

Fields in tables can be hidden, grouped, filtered, sorted, searched, and exported. You can save your settings in different 'views' so everything's set up how you want it.


Share with your team. your friends. the world.

Dadabase offers multiple ways to share your content with audiences of all sizes.
Private Share Pages
You can create multiple, password-protected share-pages for each video and select which fields and markers are included.
(coming soon) Instantly publish videos on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube. Analytics, like page-views and minutes-viewed, are tracked for each share.
(coming soon) Videos and all connected data stored in Dadabase can power the back-end of your sites and apps on the web, mobile, TV, metaverse and more.


Everyone can now weigh in

Data grows richer when you work with others who have something to add.
Permissions: Give edit and read-only access to members on your team.
No Limits: Only Dadabase lets you add as many collaborators as you want at no additional cost.
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Dependable security for your private content

our data is private. We will never access your content, by human or bot, without your permission. Read more in our privacy policy.
Private AWS account
Only Dadabase creates a private AWS account for each project so your content doesn't commingle with others.
Best Practices
AWS best practices, like URL token-signing and server-side encryption, are applied to each project.
Passwords and Roles
Password-protected share-pages and collaborator roles allow you to define your level of sucurity.
Bands and Venues can document their shows with markers for every song and then create virtual festivals.
News organizations and bloggers can add markers for people and subject matters and then use Dadabase as the ultimate research tool.
Live production companies can sync their multi-cam source files with Dadabase so all parties can weigh in on the edit.
Manufacturers of tools can create an index of their product-videos to make it easier for customers to get the answers they need.
Sports teams can create markers for every play and attach custom fields for detailed stats.
No limits to what you can do.

Use Cases

Dadabase is built for anyone who creates video

I mean.... There's a ton you can do here. Did I say that twice? Point is, the basic but customizable UI doesn't try to define how your data should be structured. It's powerful tool that can be utilized by anyone who works with online video, which is pretty much everyone these days


See how Dadabase stacks up

Media storage & playback
Custom data tables
Searchable markers
Private share pages
Personal AWS account


More bang for your buck

Sample Usage
100GB storage
5 hours of footage
1 Collaborator
20 GB Storage Limit
1TB storage
50 hours of footage
10 Collaborators
20 GB Storage Limit
10TB storage
500 hours of footage
50 Collaborators
10 Collaborator Limit
7 TB  Storage Limit
20 GB Storage Limit


Dadabase does what the other can't

Video Platform
Great playback, unlimited storage, scalable CDN
Customizable data-tables to manage content
Searchable markers
Custom metadata included on share-pages
Unlimited collaborators - at no additional cost
Private AWS account to store and deliver your content